(Third project)

One day, Milli and Geo get into a terrible arguement, and the team's friendship is strained. However, the Troublemakers have cracked the Umi City Dam. Can the team work together like they always do?

Intro: The Quarrel StartsEdit

(Episode starts with Bot in the kitchen watering some flowers)

Bot: *Hums pleasantly* Ah, nice and fresh.

(He looks at the screen)

Bot: Oh, hi, Umi-Friend! It’s me, Bot. I’m watering some of my plants; it’s one of my favorite activities. What about you? What is your favorite activity? Whoa, that sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll try it out sometime.

(Milli calls out from a different room)

Milli: Hey, Bot! Come see what I made!

(Bot calls out to her)

Bot: OK! I’m a-coming! Better put this down.

(He sets his watering can on the counter) (He hurries into the living room)

(In the living room, Milli has an easel set in the middle)

Milli: Look at my new painting, Bot!

(She turns her easel around to show a pretty painting with green grass and trees, a yellow sun, and six colorful flowers)

Bot: *Impressed* Whoa! Glittering Gizmos, that painting is really bea-utiful.

Milli: *Gratefully* Thanks, Bot; I just love to paint. It’s one of my favorite activities.

(Geo is nearby and he’s imitating a fire siren)

Geo: Whoo-whoo!

(He’s playing with his toy fire truck)

Bot: Hey, Geo, what are you up to?

Geo: I’m playing with my favorite fire truck; it’s my favorite activity! Whoo-whoo! Vroom! Vroom!

(Milli has an annoyed look on her face)

Milli: Geo, can you be quieter? I’m trying to paint here!

(Geo looks annoyed)

Geo: Well at least I’m not humming loudly!

Milli: *Gasps* *Angrily* What did you say!?

Geo: *Angrily* You know what I said!

(Geo pushes his fire truck hard, and it bumps into Milli’s easel, which causes it to fall down) (Crash sounds are heard)

Milli: *Gasps*

(She sees that her easel is nothing but broken wood and splashes of paint cover her beautiful painting)

My easel and my painting! They’re ruined!

(Geo picks up his fire truck which has been scratched and lost some pieces)

Geo: My favorite fire truck is broken!

(He looks at Milli angrily)

Geo: This would have never happened if you weren’t painting in here!

(Milli looks at Geo angrily)

Milli: Well you pushed your fire truck too hard and into the easel!

Geo: It’s not my fault; it’s your fault!

Milli: It is not!

Geo: It is too!

Milli: Is not!

Geo: Is too!

(Bot pushes them apart)

Bot: All right! All right! Stop it, both of you! I think it's time for both of you to calm down.

Milli and Geo: Well, he/she started it!

(They both turn their backs from each other and cross their arms)


(Bot slaps his face)

Bot: *Sighs* Tempered Terabytes, this could be a problem.

Break in the DamEdit

(Umi-Alarm sounds)

Bot: *Upset* Oh no! Not the Umi-Alarm now, at a time like this!

(He calls out to Milli and Geo)

Milli, Geo, just forget what just happened and come over here!

(Milli and Geo look at each other and then look away again)

Milli and Geo: Hmph!

Bot: *Sighs deeply* Well, let’s just see who needs our help on my Belly-Belly… Belly Screen.

(The screen whirls to show a girl with brown hair wearing overalls with a pink heart on the pocket, a pink shirt underneath, and pink sneakers)

It’s our friend, Brianna. What’s the problem, Brianna? *Whispers* Are you sure it can’t wait? I think Milli and Geo are in an argument.

Brianna: Sorry, Bot, but I really need your help now. The Troublemakers came by earlier.

(The team looks alarmed)

Bot: WHAT!?

Milli and Geo: *Surprised* The Troublemakers!?

(Both look at each other angrily then turn their backs against each other)


Brianna: *Whispers* I see what you mean.

Bot: *Normal tone* Never mind that now. What did they do?

Brianna: *Normal tone* Look! Over there!

(She points to something behind her) (It shows a concrete dam with a crack in it)

They made that crack in that dam. If the dam breaks, (The screen lowers to a habitat with a pond full of ducks, frogs, and fish) it will flood the pond, and all those poor animals will have no place to live!

Bot: What!? I know those Troublemakers are trouble, but this is terrible, even for them. Don’t worry, Brianna; we’re on our way. You can help too by warning the animals and getting them to safety.

Brianna: Okay and thanks! But hurry; that crack keeps getting bigger!

(The screen whirls and goes back to normal)

Bot: Listen, guys. Those animals need our help. If we don’t hurry, they’ll lose their home.

Geo: Hmm, I guess…

Milli: Maybe we should go.

Both: As long as you don’t get in my way!

(They both turn their backs away from each other)


(Bot slaps his face)

Bot: Oh, boy. Umi-Friend, We’re really going to need your help today. Will you help us fix the dam? *Whispers* And maybe help Milli and Geo stop arguing? *Normal tone* Great! Team Umi--

Geo: *Nearby* Let me go first! I’m a year younger!

Bot: Huh?

(He looks over at the window) *Slaps his face* Oh no…

(The screen shows one of the windows, where Milli and Geo are both pushing each other out of the way; they both want to leave first)

Milli: I’m a girl, and they say that girls go first!

Geo: I’m faster!

Milli: I’m older!

Geo: I’m smaller!

Milli: I’m stronger!

(Bot comes between them and pushes them apart)

Bot: Okay, both of you stop it right now! It doesn’t matter who goes first, and this is an emergency. Now let’s go!

(He hops through the window) (Milli and Geo hop down from separate windows and follow him)

The Trouble Gets WorseEdit

(Nearby, The Troublemakers are watching from a bush)

Little Trouble: Look at that; I’ve never seen those two argue before.

(Big Trouble is holding a tub of popcorn)

Big Trouble: They’re making us look like we never argue, and we do it a lot. It’s like being at the movie theater!

(He offers his popcorn to Little Trouble)

Want some?

Little Trouble: Not now, old chap. If we mess with them, then the dam we broke will break, and we’ll prove that Team Umizoomi can’t win them all! *Chuckles maliciously*

Big Trouble: Good idea; *Laughs dim-wittingly* let’s get Trouble Truck!

(They both duck down from the bush)

Little Trouble: *Off screen* You know, I’ll think I’ll take some of that popcorn.

(The screen goes back over to Team Umizoomi)

Bot: Okay, team. Let’s use my Robot-Computer to find the fastest way to the dam.

(His screen whirls to show a map of Umi City) (They are marked with a blue dot and the dam is all the way on the other side of the map) (The blue dot moves along the path to the dam)

Okay, we’re here and the dam is way over here on the other side of Umi City. First, we need to go past the street fair, through the Dog Park, and then take a right on Daisy Street to get to the dam.

(The computer whirls and goes back to normal)

So first, we need to find the street fair. Follow me, guys!

(He starts to walk but he pauses for a moment)

And try not to fight now.

(He continues to walk)

Milli & Geo:*Exasperated sigh*

(They both walk behind Bot but they both look at each other with a mean look)

(Bot stops walking)

Bot: Here we are: the Umi City Street Fair!

Milli: *Confused* Uh, Bot, what’s a street fair?

Geo: *Giggles pleasantly* You don’t what a street fair is? *Giggles*

Milli: *Angrily* And I supposed you do?!

Geo: *Nervously* Uh… no…

Milli: *Giggles pleasantly*

Geo: *Angrily* It’s not funny! Right, Bot?

Relation Gets StrainedEdit

(There’s no reply)


(He calls out for him)


Milli: He’s must have gone ahead.

(They hear Big Trouble nearby)

Big Trouble: I love it when we don’t cause the trouble ourselves.

(Milli and Geo notice the Troublemakers on top of a roof near a pole)

Geo: *Gasps* It’s the Troublemakers!

Milli: *Annoyed* Oh, we do not have time for you guys!

Little Trouble: Oh, relax for a moment. I see your robot friend from here, and this time, I’m not lying.

Geo: You do? Let me, see!

(He starts to climb up to the top of the pole) *Grunts*

(Milli pulls him down)


(He lands on the ground)

Oof! *Angrily* What was that for!?

(Milli starts to climb up the pole)

Milli: I’m going up first!

Geo: No you’re not!

(He starts to climb up after her)

Both: *Angrily* You get of my way! You get out my way! I can’t stand you, Milli! Well, I can’t stand you, Geo! Move it! No, you move it!

(The screen reverts back to the Troublemakers; Milli and Geo are so busy arguing that they forgot about them)

(Big Trouble is watching Milli and Geo)

Big Trouble: We may love trouble, but this is my favorite kind of trouble.

(Little Trouble enjoys watching Milli and Geo argue)

Little Trouble: Don’t you think they should fight more often?

Big Trouble: I think I should use my…

(He pulls out his…)

Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Dee, Trouble-Ray

Make some trouble at that street fair!

(The Trouble Ray zaps out a purple pulse which zaps something nearby)

(They are still arguing)

Milli and Geo: I climbed up first! Well people let girls go first!

Bot: *Off screen* YAAAH-HA-HA-HA!!

Milli and Geo: *Gasp* BOT!

(They both start to slide down slowly as if they are about to fall)

Uh oh…

(They fall off the pole)


(They land on the grass below)


Stuffed UpEdit

(Milli gets up and looks up)

Milli: You Troublemakers did something to—

(The screen shows that they got away)

(Geo gets up and looks up)

Geo: They got away! Those Troublemakers…

(Bot’s voice is heard faintly in the distance)

Bot: Heeeeellllp!

Milli: C’mon! We gotta find Bot! 

(They both run right into the street fair and see a big pile of stuffed animals, which is assumed to be zapped by the Trouble Ray)

(Geo calls out to Bot)

Geo: Bot! Where are you?

(Milli calls out to Bot)

Milli: Are you okay, Bot?

(They both hear his voice)

(Bot’s voice is faintly coming from the pile of 10 stuffed animals)

Bot: Guys, I’m stuck inside one of these stuffed animals!

Milli: Uh Oh. There are lots of stuffed animals! Which one are you stuck in?

Bot: *Faintly* Uh… The stuffed animal is uh, pink.

Milli: Bot’s stuck in a pink stuffed animal. Let’s count out all the stuffed animals that are pink. Count with me!

(Certain stuffed animal develop a pink shine around them)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! Bot’s inside one of these six. I wish could separate the others!

Geo: Leave that to me!

(He skates over to the other 4 stuffed animals, picks them up and tosses them onto the shelf one by one)

(Proudly) Impressive, right?

(Milli rolls her eyes)

Milli: *Groans with annoyance*

(She calls out to Bot, but acts like she wants to get it over with)

Bot, just give us another clue about the stuffed animal you’re in.

Bot: *Faintly* Hmm… The stuffed animal is an animal that can fly.

Milli: How many stuffed animals are animals that can fly?

(2 stuffed animals give off a pink shine)

2, yeah! So Bot’s either inside the flamingo or the butterfly.

Geo: I got the other ones!

(He puts the other 4 back on the shelf)

Bot, can you give any more hints?

Bot: *Faintly* Hmm… I got it! The animal is a bird!

Milli: Which animal is a bird?

(The flamingo stuffed animal glows and Geo picks up the butterfly and throws it back on the shelf)

The flamingo, yeah! Bot’s in the flamingo!

(She hops over to the flamingo and sees a zipper that has a small bulge in it) (She unzips the zipper)

Bot, are you in there?

(Bot hops out of the zipper hole in front of her)

Bot: *Whew*

(He looks at the screen)

Thanks for your help. It was getting really hot in there.

(He looks at Milli and Geo who hops down, zips the flamingo up and tosses it back on the shelf)

And you two worked together well.

Geo: *Proudly* I put all of the stuffed animals on their shelf by myself.

Milli: *Unpleasantly* You don’t have to brag about it.

Geo: *Angrily* I was not bragging!

Milli: *Angrily* Yes, you were!

Both: Did not! Did too!

(The screen reverts back to Bot and Milli and Geo's arguing is still goes on)

Bot: *Deep sigh* Looks like things are getting a little out of hand.

(He calls out to them)

Guys, come on! We need to just get pass the street fair!

(He runs ahead and they notice him and just follow him) (They cross a street and stop)

At least, we made it past the street fair.*To himself* What a relief…

Crack UpEdit

(He activates Robot Computer to show the map from earlier)

Okay now, we made it pass the street fair; now we need to get through the Dog Park to continue our way to the Dam.

(He turns off his Robot Computer)

(A ringtone sound is heard as his antennae vibrates)

Oh, I’m getting a call.

(The screen whirls and shows Brianna)

It’s Brianna!

Brianna: Team Umizoomi, are you almost here?

Bot: We’re coming as fast as we can.

Brianna: Good. I managed to warn the animals about the dam and they’re on their way to safety.

Bot: That’s good.

Brianna: But there are some animals left. Look!

(She points behind her) (The screen shows a nest full of eggs and a male duck and a female duck are nearby)

The duck family can’t leave their babies in the flood, and I can’t convince them to leave! Please hurry or those poor baby ducklings might never hatch from their eggs!

Bot: Don’t worry, Brianna! We’ll be there as fast as we can.

Brianna: Okay.

(The call ends and the screen goes back to normal)

Bot: We really need to fix that dam and fast! C’mon! And no fighting!

(He walks ahead)

The Dog Park is this way!

(Milli and Geo follow him, but they bump each other and just continue after him)

(The screen shows a park ahead with a black gate that has a dog on top) (The park has kids playing with their dogs and some other dogs playing everywhere)

Bot: We made it to the Dog Park! Now let’s get going and we’ll make in no time!

(He walks ahead, but then a purple pulse causes a fog in the park)


(The fog makes his voice softer)

What’s going on…Milli…Geo-

(His voice breaks off and he disappears in the fog)

Foggy Weather FriendsEdit

Geo: Hey, where did this purple fog come from?

(Little Trouble is heard nearby)

Little Trouble: Don’t you think fog trouble a good ‘sight’ for the park?

Big Trouble: *Chuckles* Yeah, a sight for sore eyes!

(Milli and Geo notice them standing on top of the gate sign) (Little Trouble blows on his Trouble Ray)

Geo: The Troublemakers!

Milli: You made this fog, didn’t you?

Little Trouble: Oh, well, I just couldn’t resist. We just love… Trouble!

(He then starts to lose his balance)


(Big Trouble catches his foot)

Big Trouble: I gotchya!

(He starts to lose his balance, too)

No, I don’t! Trouble you later, Team Umizoomi!

(They both scream as they fall off the wall and land on the other side of the wall) (They won’t be in the way for now)

Milli: Looks like those Troublemakers will be out of our hair for now.

Geo: Never mind them now! We have to find Bot!

Milli: We’ll never find him in this fog. We have to blow it away somehow. With a… (She gets an idea) a fan!

Geo: Good idea, but what if we had a giant fan!

Milli: But… we don’t have a giant fan.

Geo: I’ll make a giant fan with my Super Shapes!

(The screen shows a giant blue print of a giant fan)

Geo: Umi-Friend, I need your help to make this fan!

(The stand of the fan glows)

To make the bottom of the fan, I need the biggest rectangle.

(His Shape Belt makes three different size rectangles)

Which of these is the biggest rectangle?

(The middle rectangle glows)

Yeah, that one!

(The other two rectangles disappear as the middle rectangle goes into the place of the bottom part) (The middle section of the fan glows)

Now to make the mast that connects the fan to the stand, we need the shape that is tall and skinny.

(His Shape Belt makes three different shapes)

Which is of these is the shape we need?

(The first shape glows)

The cylinder, right!

(The cylinder goes in the mast’s place while the other two shapes disappear) (The top part glows)

Now, to make the top part, we need a shape that has 4 blades and a small circle.

(His Shape Belt makes three different shapes)

Which of these is the shape we need?

(The middle shape glows)

Yes! It has 1, 2, 3, 4 blades and a small circle to hold them together.

(The shapes attach in place on the top part)

Now to turn these shapes into a super-giant fan, let's sing…

(Sings) Super-Shapes!

(He turns the shapes into a giant fan)

Milli: Nice job! *Giggles mischievously* For a 5-year old.

Geo: *Offended* Hey! That wasn’t funny! Oh, whatever. I’ll just turn the fan on.

(He turns the fan on which blows the whole fog away and shows the Dog Park with everything back to normal)

Milli: Now the fog is gone!

(She looks out ahead)

And there’s Bot!

(She runs ahead of Geo)

(Geo skates after her)

Geo: Hey slow down!

(Milli calls out to him)

Milli: No, you speed up! Use your roller skates!

The RealizationEdit

Geo: *Pants* *Angrily* Milli, why do you have to be so-

(He suddenly stops and thinks before he talks)

So- *To himself* What am I doing? I can’t believe Milli and I are arguing like this. I wish I knew how to make it up to her.

Bot: *Calls out to him* Geo, c’mon! We have to hurry!

Geo: *Realizes* Oh, yeah! *Calls out* I’m coming!

(He skates over to Bot, where Milli has already ran to him)

Bot: I’m glad that’s taken care of. Now let’s hurry, we have to get to Daisy Street and fast.

(Bot runs ahead and Geo skates after him) (Milli suddenly stops and thinks)

Milli: *To herself* What am I doing? I can’t believe Geo and I are arguing like this. I wish I knew how to make it up to him.

Bot: *Calls out to her* Hey, Milli, hurry up!

(Milli runs after them)

(The team ends up at the other side of the Dog Park and at Daisy Street)

Bot: We made it to Daisy Street. Now we find the dam and fix that crack. (He realizes something)

Uh, oh. I forgot the cement to fix the crack. That’s what the dam is made of. Someone is selling some nearby. I’ll handle this one. I’ll be right back.

(He walks somewhere)

(Milli and Geo walk away from each other, but they’re both looking for something) (The screen shows Geo skating around a large group of flowers growing in a patch nearby) (He looks at the screen)

Geo: Umi-Friend, I’ve figured out how to make-up with Milli. I want to give her a Rainbow-Blossom. It’s her favorite flower. But I need to find it first. It has 5 petals: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Purple.

(The screen shows the flower patch)

Which flower is the Rainbow-Blossom?

(A small flower that matched his description glows pink)

Yes! You found the Rainbow-Blossom. Thanks for your help, Umi-Friend. Milli’s gonna love this Rainbow-Blossom.

(Geo begins to pull on the flower’s stem)

(The screen shows Milli looking at some berry bushes) (She looks at the screen)

Milli: Umi-Friend, I’ve figured out how to make-up with Geo. One of these berry bushes has blueberries. Blueberries are Geo’s favorite kind of berry, so I want to pick some for him. Help me find the blueberries.

(The screen widens to show the 5 berry bushes each with a different color: red, blue, pink, purple, and yellow)

Which of these bushes has blueberries?

(The bush with berries that are blue glows)

Yeah, that’s blueberry bush! Thanks for your Umi-Friend. Geo will love these berries.

(She picks three of the blueberries)

Three berries: one for Bot, one for Geo, and one for me.

(Bot’s voice is heard)

Bot: *Calls out* Milli, Geo, I got the cement, so we can repair the dam. C’mon over here!

(Milli calls out to him)

Milli: Coming, Bot!

(She hides the blueberries and runs over to where Bot is)

(Geo skates over to where Bot is) (He assuming hid the Rainbow-Blossom too)

Bot: C’mon! Let’s go to the dam, and let’s hurry!

(He runs ahead) (Milli and Geo look at each other, but turn away) (But they don’t have angry looks, they have worried looks on their faces)

(They both run as they follow Bot)

Fixing Up the Dam, and the FriendshipEdit

(The screen shows Brianna near a cliff close to the dam)

Bot’s Voice: Brianna!

(Brianna notices Bot)

Brianna: Bot! You made it! I’m so glad!

Bot: Me too.

Brianna: You have to hurry and fix that crack in the dam. I found out that if the crack opens a hole in the dam, it will flood Umi-City!

Bot: Sizzling Circuits! That’s terrible!

(Milli and Geo run over, but they go right past Bot and Brianna)

Brianna: Milli, Geo, stop! There’s a cliff there!

(Milli and Geo both screech to a stop) (But Geo is too close to the edge) (He is about to fall over)

Geo: Whoa!

Bot: Geo! Watch out!

(Geo starts to fall down)


Milli: I got you, Geo!

(She reaches out and grabs his hand) (She pulls him back up the cliff)

(Bot runs over to them)

Bot: Geo, are you alright?

Geo: Yeah, I’m okay, thanks to Milli.

Milli: Oh, Geo, I’d never let you fall off a cliff.

(She and Geo both realize something)

Uh, Geo, I’ve wanted to tell you that… I’m sorry for fighting with you.

Geo: It’s alright. I’m sorry for all that fighting too.

Milli: *Giggles* What do you know? We were acting like the Troublemakers.

Geo: *Laughs* We sure were.

Bot: Boy, am I glad that you two finally made up.

Brianna: Me too. Because the crack is going open up any second now!

Milli and Geo: It is!?

(They all look at the dam) (The crack is even bigger and it looks like it’s about to cause a giant hole)

Bot: Crackling Circuits! We have to hurry! But how do we make it in time?

(Geo and Milli look at each other and they have smiles as if they know what to do)

Geo: We know what to do, Bot! Right, big sis?

Milli: *Giggles* Right, lil’ bro!

Bot: That’s great, you two!

(He pulls out the cement bucket from earlier)

Here’s the cement! It will patch up that crack!

(He gives the bucket to Milli)

Brianna: Hurry, you two!

Milli and Geo: Let’s do this!

(They both run over to the dam)

Milli: We need a way to get to the crack.

Geo: Let’s use our climbing gear!

Milli: Good idea, Geo!

Both: Super climbing gear, on!

(Their climbing gear suddenly appears on them) (They both tie the ends of their ropes to a rock) (They both climb down to a ledge close to the crack)

Geo: There’s the crack!

(Milli pulls out the cement bucket)

Milli: We have to fix the crack with this cement.

(Geo pulls out two trowels)

Geo: We can use these trowels to place the cement over the crack.

Milli: Good idea, Geo.

Geo: Now how to do we get to the crack?

Milli: Hmm… I know! But before we try it, we need to figure out how wide the cliff is. I’ll use my ponytails to figure out how wide it is.

(Her ponytails start to glow)

Milli Measure

(Her ponytails grow) (One of the ponytails grows and extends to the other side of the cliff) (Her ponytail has numbers on it like a giant ruler)

The cliff goes to this number!

(The last number on her ponytail glows)

What number is it?

20, right! Geo, can you use your shapes to make a bridge?

Geo: I’m on it! Crescent!

(A giant crescent appears and it makes a bridge that goes from the ledge to the other side of the cliff)

Milli: Nice work, Geo! Now let’s hurry!

(They run across the bridge to the crack)

Geo: *Confused* Uh, Milli, do you know how to use these?

Milli: Hey, this just like painting a picture. Just follow my lead!

Geo: OK!

(The Troublemakers are nearby) (They have no clue about what Milli and Geo are doing) (They are relaxing under a giant umbrella)

Little Trouble: *Sighs* With those two still fighting, the dam will crack.

Big Trouble: When is it going to crack?

Little Trouble: About… now!

(Nothing happens)

What’s going on?

(They hear Milli and Geo’s voices)

Geo’s voice: Milli, you missed a spot!

Milli’s voice: Oops! I got it!

(Big Trouble looks at the cliff)

Big Trouble: Hey, look! Those two are fixing the crack!

Little Trouble: *Shocked* What!?

(They see Milli and Geo filling in the last part of the crack)

Milli: We did it!

Geo: Awesome!

(They both hug each other)

Big Trouble: *Grossed out* Ewww! They just hugged! Gross!

Little Trouble: *Grossed out* Oh, disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

(He realizes something)

Wait a minute. If those two are hugging, then that means… They’re not fighting anymore! And now they saved the day again!

The Friendship's Clear as CrystalEdit

Big Trouble: *Notices something* Hey, look!

(They see Bot and Brianna)

Bot: They did it! They fixed the dam!

Brianna: That’s great! Now the animals’ home and Umi-City are safe!

Bot: Brianna, can you tell the animals that it’s safe to come back?

Brianna: Sure, Bot!

(She runs off)

Little Trouble: Hmmm… Forget about the dam. Let’s see how this trouble will work.

Big Trouble: *Laughs* Uh, what trouble?

(Little Trouble rolls his eyes)

Little Trouble: Ugh!

(He pulls out his…)


Make that cliff crumble!

(The Trouble Ray zaps the cliff Bot is on and it starts to rumble)

Bot: Huh? What going on?

(The cliff starts to crack and he starts to fall)


(He grabs a branch on the cliff)


(Milli and Geo hear him)

Both: Bot!

(They see him hanging by the branch)

Geo: *Calls out to him* Hang on, Bot. We’re coming!

Bot: *Yells out to him* I’M TRYING!!!!

(Milli sees some crystals on the cliff)

Milli: Look! There’s some crystals!

Geo: Good idea, Milli. We can use our climbing gear to climb up the cliff and rescue Bot.

(He reaches out for a blue crystal)

Milli: Wait, Geo!

(He stops)

Not all of the crystals are strong enough to climb on. But I can figure out the safe path with my…

(She jumps up and spins around) (The pattern on her dress transforms into a pattern of crystals)

Pattern Power

To get up the cliff to rescue Bot, we have climb these crystals in this order.

(The screen zooms in to show the crystal pattern in horizontal order)

Red, Purple, Pink. That’s the pattern.

(The screen reverts back to normal)

But we have to be careful. If we get the pattern wrong, we’ll fall off the cliff.

Ready, Geo?

Geo: Ready!

Milli: Then follow me!

(She starts climbing up and Geo follows her) (She calls out the crystal she grabs)

Red, Purple, Pink, Red, Purple, Pink, Red, Purple—

What comes next? Pink! Where is the pink crystal?

(The screen shows green, yellow, white, and pink crystals) (The pink crystal glows)

There it is!

(She uses the purple crystal to swing herself to the pink crystal)

Made it!

(The green, yellow, and white crystals fall off the cliff)

Whoa! Good thing we didn’t grab those crystals.

(She hears Bot’s voice)


(The branch he’s holding starts to break)


Milli: Uh oh! Geo, we have to go faster!

Geo: Got it!

(They continue to climb)

Milli: Red, Purple, Pink, Red, Purple, Pink, Red, Purple, Pink, Red—

What comes next? Purple! Where is the purple crystal?

(The screen shows purple, orange, green, and light blue crystals) (The purple crystal glows)

There it is!

(She uses the red crystal to swing to the purple crystal which at the top of the cliff) (She jumps up to the top to the cliff and the pattern on her dress turns back to normal)

We made it up the cliff! Thanks for helping us get up the cliff, Umi-Friend.

(Geo jumps up the cliff) (He tosses the rope from his climbing gear down to Bot)

Geo: Bot, grab the rope! Quick!

Bot: Arm, Extendo!

(His arm extends out to the rope and it grabs the rope) (His body de-extends over to his arm) (The branch falls off the cliff) (He climbs up the rope up to Milli and Geo)

Milli and Geo: Bot!

Geo: We’re so happy you’re okay.

Bot: Me too. But I’m even happier that you two aren’t arguing anymore.

Milli: Us too.

(She and Geo hug each other) (Bot hugs them too)

Milli, Geo, and Bot: *Laugh*

(The screen moves back to the Troublemakers)

Little Trouble: Ugh! Have you ever seen anything so disgusting?

Big Trouble: I never thought anything was as yucky as hugs.

Little Trouble: *Angrily* This is all your fault!

Big Trouble: *Angrily* “My fault?!” This was your idea, so this is your fault!

Little Trouble: “My fault!?” It’s always your fault!

(The cliff beneath them starts to crumble) (They both fall)

Troublemakers: Whoooaaaa!!!

(Geo sees them fall)

Geo: Look! There’s the Troublemakers!

(Bot covers his eyes)

Bot: I don’t want to see!

(Geo and Milli cover their eyes)

(A splat sound is heard)

Geo: What happened?

(Milli uncovers her eyes) (She looks out and smiles)

Milli: *Tries not to giggle* Look.

(Geo and Bot uncover their eyes) (They look out and smile)

(The screen shows that the Troublemakers have landed in some bubbly-mud)

Big Trouble: *Grossed out* Ewww! Yuck! Mud is much grosser than hugs.

(The screen reverts back to the team)

Team Umizoomi's Bond is StrongerEdit

Geo: Looks like those two won’t cause any more trouble around the dam again.

Bot: I think you’re right.

Geo: Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

(He pulls out the Rainbow-Blossom)

Milli, this is for you.

Milli: *Gasps* A Rainbow-Blossom! I love Rainbow-Blossoms!

(She accepts the flower)

It’s so beautiful! Thanks, Geo. You’re sweet. Any I have something too.

(She pulls out the three blueberries)

Geo: *Gasps* Blueberries! My favorite!

Milli: I picked one for each of us.

Bot: Thanks, Milli.

(He accepts a blueberry from her)

Geo: Yeah, thanks.

(He accepts a blueberry from her)

(They all eat their berries)

Milli: Mmmm!

Bot: Delicious!

Geo: Yummiest blueberry ever!

(Ring-tone sounds)

Bot: Oh! I’m getting a call!

(His screen shows Brianna)

It’s Brianna!

Brianna: Team Umizoomi, thank you so much for fixing the dam!

Bot: Oh, we’re always ready to help a friend.

Geo: Yeah, we always are.

(Milli nods her head)

Brianna: I think I know how to thank you.

(She shows the ducks) (Their eggs start to shake)

Milli: *Gasps* The eggs are hatching!

(The eggs hatch into ducklings)

Ducklings: *Peep* *Peep*

Geo: Awww… The ducklings hatched!

(The ducklings’ parents fawn over them)

Bot: I’m so happy for them!

Milli: Me too!

Geo: Me three!

Brianna: You know what, the ducklings would’ve never hatched if you didn’t fix the dam. Now that it’s fixed,

(The screen shows all the animals happily playing together in the water)

all the animals are so happy to be back home.

Bot: We’re happy for them too. Don’t forget, Brianna, we can never ignore a call for help from a friend.

(A voice is heard on Brianna’s side of the call)

Female Voice: Brianna, time for dinner!

Brianna: Oh, that’s my mom! I gotta go. Bye, Team Umizoomi.

Team Umizoomi: Bye!

(The call ends)

Bot: *Whew* What a day!

Geo: You said it.

(They look at the screen)

Milli: Thanks for all your help today, Umi-Friend. Now the dam is fixed and the animals are all safe.

Geo: Yeah, and you helped me and Milli stopped arguing.

Bot: Actually, you both decided to stop arguing. But who knows what could’ve happened without you.

Milli: Yeah, no need to ‘argue’ about that.

Team Umizoomi: *Laugh*

Bot: Oh, Milli... I feel a celebration coming on!

(The Crazy Shake plays)

{The End}

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