It’s Milli’s birthday! And everyone is getting ready. While Geo‘s delivering the birthday cake a huge wind causes him lose it. Can Geo and his friend Blue Sprixie Princess get the cake before the party is ruined?

Characters Edit

  1. Milli and Lockette and Bloom With Mario
  2. Princess Peach
  3. Winx Club
  4. Sprixie Princesses
  5. Geo
  6. Mario
  7. Bot
  8. Luigi
  9. Umi Car
  10. Yoshi
  11. Alphonse
  12. Zigzag
  13. Shark car
  14. Dorrmouse
  15. Dumptruck
  16. Betty
  17. Fishes
  18. Haunting Harris

Getting Ready Edit

(The episode starts when Bot, Zigzag and Alphonse decorating Fountain HQ in pink decorations)

Zigzag: Oh hi! I'm so glad your here, today is Milli's birthday!

Alphonse: Yeah, and Geo's delivering a cake.

Bot: Say, I wonder where Geo is?

(The Umi phone's is ringing) Alphonse: Oh! I bet it's Geo.

(The Umi phone changes to Geo) Geo: Hey Alphonse! Me and Dumptruck are delivering Milli's cake.

Alphonse: Why?

Geo: Umi car was sick.

Zigzag: Oh yeah.

Geo: Anyways I still have to deliver this. Bye!

Bot, Zigzag and Alphonse: Bye!

(Geo hangs up)

(A huge wind blows) Geo: Woah! That's one big wind.

Dumptruck: *Nods*

The Lost Cake Edit

(The cakes falls of of Dumptruck)