Milli makes a pink kite, but it's very windy and she, Geo and Jade get whisked away and Bot must save them.

Intro: Milli Makes Her KiteEdit

Milli is making a pink kite she turns to the screen 

Milli hi there Umi Friend it's me Milli I'm making a kite do you like kites pauses for a sec cool i like them too

Bot whistleing he walks to Milli and tells her to watch out for the wind 

Milli hi Bot 

Bot hi Milli hey i think you should not do that right now because of the wind that is coming our way

Milli is to busy to listen to Bot

Bot Milli did you hear me there is a wind coming to you 

Milli i heard you woah help 

Bot holey Gigabytes Milli the wind is coming to you 

Milli oh no I'm get blowned away ahh Bot help she gets blowned away to the lake 

Geo who is there fishing 

Milli oof hi there Geo 

Goe holey moley are you okay

Milli why wouldn't i be okay Geo

Jade woah hi Bot where is Milli 

Bot she got blowned away by the wind 

Jade oh no we have to save her I'll get her down. 

(Jade streches her tentacle to grabs Milli's legs)

Jade: I've got her (Jade begins to be carried away) Oh no I'm getting blown away too. I'll miss my doughnuts. Help Geo!

Geo: Umizoomi! (Geo grabs Jade's tentacle but all three of them get whisked away) Oh my! I'm getting blown away now. Help us Bot!

Bot: I'm coming guys (Bot extends his arms and grabs the others before they fly away) I gotcha!

Milli Jade and Geo:You did it Bot you saved us!

Bot:Aw thanks guys and you for helping me rescue them Umi-Friend.

Bot's antenna turns into a disco ball

Bot: I feel a celebration coming on!

they do the crazy shake

the end!

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