This story is happen on the future of Milli and Geo's family. Milli doesn't have a boyfriend, but Geo fells love with Daisy. Geo married to Daisy and one week later, Daisy became pregnant. Geo was scared to see Milli because she will confront his wife. Daisy and Geo didn't find the baby's gender whether is a baby girl or a baby boy.

At one night, Daisy screams with pain of deliver. She started to feel the pain of pregnancy. Geo soothe her, and she had a natural birth for first time. Then, she realize that that is a girl. Geo named her Bianka.

Geo said, "Milli, can I have dinner with pickles so if I can go to sleep after a great day?" Then she said, "NO! YOU WON'T! IT'S WENDSDAY! NOW EAT YOUR PIZZA!!!" In a robotic voice. 

When they come to Milli, she confronts Bianka and Daisy, think they are strangers. Milli said "Who are you, and where did you come from?" Geo rushes to defend his wife, yell her to "Hey back up! Leave my wife alone!" But than he recognize that she is his older sister. So he said sis to her. Geo introduce his daughter and his wife. Soon she realize that she is the paternal aunt. Geo thought he had a explogugue. "HEY!!!!!! BLOOD! BLOOD! OW! BLOOD! MY LEG! IT HURTS! STOP! STOP! BOT?!?!?!?!?" said Brianna.

When the always stopped, Bot was only sawing Brianna. Geo and Ittor was finishing the math. "HAVING A BABY!" said Nobody. Geo said, "Where is it coming from?" Ittor was running and opened the box. "Babies? Mister DININAOUSRT wouldn't be invited." "AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH!!!!!" shouted Brianna. "HELP ME!!!!!! TEAM UMIZOOMI!!!! .....BOT BECAME A VILAIN!!!!!" 

When they see Milli and Geo's father, they are happy about that Geo has a wife and a daughter. Then he told Milli about she must accept her sister-in-law, Daisy. Her birthday is Janurary 1st. So about 10 years, she stays to an only child. But she felt lonely and wish to have a younger sister. So Daisy and Geo planned to have a new baby. This time also, Daisy and Geo did not reveal the baby's gender whether is a baby girl or a baby boy.

Geo bumped to milli, "I told you to eat your pizza!" But milli ate it while geo took it. Whatever it takes, that loudest voice in the bounce house fell in the funfair. "GET QUICK!!!!!" said Difrey. Then, bot runned in the street.

But during birth, this time Daisy had to do cecarian. So the baby was extra-heavy. After birth, Daisy tells her family that it's a son. Bianka was disappointed at first, but she learns to love him.

In the current age, Bianka is 13 and Charles is 4. His birthday is December 31th.

According to the writer, Milli was born on year of a chicken and Geo was born on year of a dog.

Also they reveal that Bianka was born on year of a dragon and Charles was born on year of a cow.

Geo in the funhouse was functional robot. One times two, the donuts taste bad. Monster 7, Monster 6, from Transylvania, instead of the map. And the last clue is a ruby with a box of the bag of the prizes of candy. One of milli: Milli also said, "2! 1! Wait! OK, this is not OK.." After that, "BELIVE milli BELIVE." bot is not unstoppable that he can't do his mighty math powers because all the unstoabble troublemakers pop out. Man said: "WWF THEIR THE TROUBLEMAKERS." And then geo opened the door. And milli telled the truth. Bot said, "MY BELLY SCREEN?! NOBODY WON'T CALL ME BOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!" Geo said, "Even the fire." Snakes attacking umicar were facing the springy trouble. Little Trouble roll to Big Trouble and wait, "BIG TROUBLE! TEAM UMIZOOMI IS FINOMITAL!!!!!! BEATING THEM IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!" Monster came up with a plan, "Me and mister DININAOUSRT can take a book and know want umicar needs." "SNAKES!!!" Unless....... With geo what if they all take care of all the entire city? "That is the book?" Geo said. "It is!" But where? He just press the button and the whole town disappeared. 

Umicar jumped out of the house, Milli, "The city is saved." She said. Bot was sad. "But I did'nt get my belly screen! Babysitting was really really really REALLY CRAZY!!!!!!" Milli said, "I'll go" Bot said, "I THINK I JUST MADAINE!!!!!" The episode ends.

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