All around Umi City, people who use magic or powers, hero and villain alike, are disappearing, including Milli and Geo. Left on his own, it's up to Bot to find all the missing people before something bad happens. But time isn't on his side, and a wicked villain will do anything to ensure he doesn't find them.


Part 1: Terrible News

(It's a warm afternoon in the park. Team Umizoomi are having a picnic outside, chatting among themselves when a large bird lands by them)

Bird: (Hysterically) Something terrible has happened! You need to come quickly.

Bot: What happened? Are you alright?

Bird: (Hysterically) I don't know... He was there earlier.... Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, this isn't good! Come quickly, ride on my back! I need to show you!

(Team Umizoomi, confused, climbs on her back and she starts to fly towards the forest. Not long after, we see her land by Zeppo's house. No one is home)

Geo: Where's Zeppo? (Climbs off of her back, along with Milli and Bot)

Bird: That's what I wanted to say, he's not here! I can't find him! He left yesterday to get something for a potion, and he never came back. I searched, but all I found was this!

(She pulls something out of a bush. It's Zeppo's hat, although it's slightly damaged)

Milli: That can't be good.

Bird: Well, that wasn't all I found.

(She pulls out something else from the bush, a large black feather, larger than any bird known to Umi City. It's roughly a foot long)

Geo: (Nervously) Must be a big bird

Bird: Or a big creature. I swear I've seen a feather like this before, but it wasn't from a bird.

Bot: Whatever it came from, it's a clue. (Picks up the hat) It looks like it attacked him. I wonder if there's any more feathers around here.

Bird: I can show you where I found it, over by the river.

Milli and Geo Disappeared Edit

(The Scren now pans up in the sky and pans down to Zeppo's House as the Team gets near the house)

Geo: Here we are...

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