The Troublemakers are trying to make the volcano on Volcanic Island erupt, so it's up to Milli, Geo, Bot and Jade to get everyone off the island before the eruption. Sometime, the team will meet a fiery character who has the ability to make things from fire and has really hot hands.

Intro: The Sticky SituationEdit

  •  (Jade is seen in the kitchen and waves)
  • Jade: Hello. My name is... uh, what's my name again? I should remember my own name. Oh yes, Jade. Well it's a nice warm sunny day. Nothing much to do. 
  • (Jade looks up and sees the lightbulb blows out) 
  • Jade: The lightbulb's blown. I shall fix that. First I need a lightbulb. (opens a drawer) Do you see a lightbulb? Yes there it is. Thanks. (walks up the wall and onto the ceiling) (she puts the lightbulb in without screwing it) Ah ha! (the lightbulb falls, but Jade catches it) This thing won't stay on. (snaps her tentacles) I know. (pulls out a roll of sellotape) Sellotape. (unrolls some sellotape, but it gets stuck to her) What? Get this off me. Doh. (Jade tries multipe times to get the sellotape off put ends up getting stuck to the ceiling covered in tape) What a calamity. At least I can speak. 
  • Milli: (walks into the kitchen) Hi. It's me Milli. Great to see you.
  • Jade: Hello? Hello?
  • Milli: That sounds Jade, but where is she? Do you see Jade? Yes up there on the ceiling.
  • Jade: Yes, I'm up here! And I'm stuck. 

More coming soon...


  • This episode will most likely introduce a new character into the team.
  • This episode reveals Jade is afraid of heights.
  • When Jade is trying to use sellotape to stop the lightbulb from falling off the ceiling, music from SpongeBob SquarePants can be heard (the Andy Anorak music).
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