Jade (formerly known as Inky) is an octopus who is the secondary tritagonist (formerly a minor antagonist) in Team Umizoomi. She is the newest member of Team Umizoomi. She is voiced by singer Ellie Goulding.

Physical Appearance

Jade is an octopus who has blonde hair. She is jade coloured (which is a shade of green) which oddly shares her name. She has green eyes and is white underneath. She also has freckles.



Jade is known as a very stupid and dumb octopus. She is often saying really silly things but when she is on a mission with the rest of the team, she is very brave and ready to save the day.

Personal Life

Usually when she's not on a mission, she goes in her bedroom and watches TV. But she loves hanging out with the rest of the team a lot as well. In The Pet Festival she is also shown to be an excellent french horn player. Her favourite food are doughnuts. She is the bravest member of Team Umizoomi, but has a fear of heights.


  • Tenta-Tools: Jade's main power. She can use many different tools using her tentacles like a hammer, scissors, screwdriver and loads more.
  • Stretchy Tentacles: She can stretch all 8 of her tentacles very far.
  • Map Computer: Jade has a map that is also a computer and it will know how to get to any single place.
  • Climbing Skills: Jade can climb even the sticky, slipperiest surfaces.


Season 7

Season 8

Season 9


  • Jade is the only character to have the same voice in the UK and US airings.
  • Jade is left-handed. 
  • Jade is the second member of Team Umizoomi to go on a mission on her own.
  • Out of every Team Umizoomi member, Jade has been in trouble the most times (5 times).
  • Trapped in the GarageSniff Out the Answers and The Broken Ankle have been the episodes where Jade was at her dumbest ways.
  • She's the only Team Umizoomi who used to be an antagonist.
  • Jade rarely wears clothes, but she always wears pyjamas at night.
  • She is Team Umizoomi's only member with irisis.
    • She is also the only one with freckles.
  • Jade's second favourite food besides doughnuts is banana bread.
  • Jade can transform herself into other things as reveal in The Magical Medicine when she turned herself a shopping trolley.
  • As revealed in The Pet Festival, Jade can play the piccolo.
  • Jade is 25 years old as revealed in The Hiccups. This mean either she or Bot could be the oldest Team Umizoomi member. 
  • Jade is scared of heights, as revealed in Journey to Volcanic Island.


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