Before I start the movie I am a big fan of Donovan Patton and in this fan fic I will be interveiwering him

Sydney I shall call Donovan 

Donovan no I am not doing that hello?

Sydney um hello is Donovan there?

Donovan you are speaking to him I am Donovan 

Sydney well Mr. Patton!

Donovan just call me Donovan!

Sydney okay Donovan first question what landed you the role of Bot?

Donovan well I was doing some chores at my home in New York and I got a call and they were looking for a person to voice a super hero for a show named Team what is it?

Sydney Umizoomi

Donovan yes Team Umizoomi thank you!

Sydney no problem 

Donovan so I  decided to do it and since the first season I voiced Bot season 1,2,3,4 But I am sorry to say Team Umizoomi will not be reunewed for a 5th season but we can make movies and pretend it's for Team Umizoomi!

Sydney I was thinking that too 

Donovan it was nice talking to you I have to go bye nice meeting you Sydney!

Sydney you too Donovan 

Part 2 Sydney mom I just talked to Donovan Patton Sydney's mom you did wow Sydney bye mom Sydney's mom bye sweetie The End!