This shows when 3rd & Bird and Team Umizoomi are adults now. Team Umizoomi looks what 3rd & Bird friends are doing. They saw Rudy the cockatoo has a son that is six years old, Samuel the lovebird has a daughter that is nine, while his younger sister, Muffin has a son that is eight. Milli stays single. She doesn't have any children and husband. But she has a pet bird that is pink. Pink bird acts like Milli's best friend. Geo got married and had a daughter, she is still three years old. For Bot and UmiCar, they know that they cannot breed. But they are still okay. Geo had a pet bird that is green. Green bird acts like Geo's best friend. One day, Milli became an ortonologist. She gave the name of her Pink bird Dorothy and her younger brother's Green bird Thomas. She clued up that Thomas and Dorothy are same species but different breed. Also she told that Thomas is the last female of her kind and Dorothy is the last male. She thought Dorothy was pink, so she thought it's a female but clued up that he's a male. Also Samuel and Geo had newborn son that make their second baby.

As Milli saw Daisy, Geo's wife and Geo's daughter, Bianka before Charles' birth and Daisy's second pregnancy, she comfront that Daisy and Bianka are strangers. So Geo introduce his daughter and his wife.

But Milli and Geo's father, Ralphie said that Milli must accept her sister-in-law, Daisy.

As Ralphie asked Milli about Bianka, he thought Milli is the one who give birth to her, but Milli said honestly say she is her niece. Milli told her father that even she is the eldest but she doesn't have children and husband. Ralphie was happy to be a grandparent. Milli became friends to Daisy.

When Bianka was 9, she felt lonely because she is the only child. So she said to her mother to have younger sister to her, so Daisy and Geo agreed to her and make baby for second time.

It's baby boy this time and the older sister said that lovely.


  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Ittor
  • Siso
  • Bot
  • Tellitnae
  • Brianna
  • Difrey
  • Ms. Wallomp

Character Present (Crossover with 3rd & Bird with Team Umizoomi)Edit

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