Doormouse and Bot have gone away on a mission and Geo and Milli are by themselves at home and decided to have a crazy day.

Intro: Geo's AwaitEdit

  • (Geo walks from his room when he sees Umi Friend and waves)
  • Geo: Hi! I'm Geo! I'm looking for Milli, I'm supposed to find her, if you see Milli, say Milli!
  • (The screen shifts to the right and pans to 3 a chair, a toy box then a stuff bunny and Milli looking outside Bot's room)
  • Geo: Milli! (Geo skates to Milli)
  • Milli: Geo, you got to come see this,
  • (Milli and Geo enter Bot's room)

The Kid are Home Alone Edit


  • Coming soon...
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