Who Is Harper?Edit

She is a character from the story The Alternate World. As suggested by the name of the story, she lives in an alternate universe.

What She Looks LikeEdit

She is small, like Milli and Geo. She has green hair in a pixie-cut style, and wears a green hoodie. She is tall and thin. Her age is about 14.


Even though she wants to do good, she often acts self righteous, stubborn, and snarky. This obviously annoys most people, especially Bot, who has brought up in conversation that she needs to get her act together.

Abilities and PowersEdit

She has the ability to see and hear people who are far away. She often uses this to check up on friends who live far away, or in the kingdom. Though she doesn't like too, she can use these powers for spying as well. She also has the ability to sense danger. 

Backstory (Spoilers)Edit

As a young child (and princess), Harper was curious and outgoing. She loved exploring the world around her. Her ability to sense danger gave her a good opportunity to help others. When she was a bit older, she used her hearing and sight to check on an old friend. She heard that another kid, Dallan, had gotten lost while exploring the forest. Despite her parents not wanting her too, she snuck out of castle grounds to find him. Despite the fact that she was able to help him get safely home, she was scolded for sneaking out of the castle, and for using her powers to "spy" on people. After this, everytime she sensed danger, and wanted to use her sight to check what was going on, she was told that the best thing to do was to ignore it. Dallan seemed to care about her powers, but she noticed he was asking her to use it for more and more dubious reasons. She eventually abandoned the use of her powers entirely. Dallan, mad at her for not helping him anymore, and jealous of her high status, vowed to take her down and build a new kingdom, a better one. A few years later, with the help of Willow, he managed to banish Harper out of the kingdom, and take over. Harper said that one day, she would come to rule her kingdom again. A couple of years later, when Team Umizoomi first arrived, she was filled with hope that they could help her. Even years after being banished out of the kingdom, she still refused to use her powers even after Geo had been kidnapped by Dallan, much to Milli and Bot's dismay.