Gnome is a spirit from The Alternate World, he is the 4th and final spirit team umizoomi met.

Appearance Edit

Gnome is at short height, but an inch higher than Team Umizoomi, he has gray hair with a long gray beard, he wears an orangish brown gnome hat, with a brown long sleeve shirt with a dark orange vest with navy blue jeans and black boots.

Personality Edit

Gnome is the oldest of spirits and the wisest of the four, he's first seen sleeping on a rock as when he was woken up by Salamander, and was outraged. He has the Amber of Earth.

Abilities Edit

Since he has the Amber of Earth, he has the ability to use earth magic and grows plants, and break down rocks.

Quotes Edit

"Watch what your anger does to a sleeping man Sonny!" -When gets woken up abruptl by salamander

"I'm Gnome, the Spirit of Earth Lilly!" -As he introduces himself to Milli mispronouncing her name

"Do you even care about the elderly missy!" -As he gets attacked by Willow

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