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It's Jade's offical first day on the team and the rest of the team need to help her get used to everything they do.

Intro: The Team Makes Jade Breakfast

  • (Milli, Geo and Bot are in the kitchen making breakfast) (They see the screen and wave)
  • Bot: Hello there. Welcome to the Fountain Headquarters.
  • Milli: And we ae Team Umizoomi, the tiniest team of superheros in the world. I'm Milli.
  • Geo: I'm Geo.
  • Bot: And I'm Bot.
  • Milli: And today we have a new member of our team.
  • Bot: She joined us after rescuing me from a jar of jam.
  • (Jade comes into the kitchen and yawns with her eyes wonky)
  • Jade: What's happening? (yawns) Pickles, blue, Sweden.
  • Milli: (whispers to the viewers) She just got up.
  • Jade: Javelin. Chocolate fudge cherry cake. Wha... Oh, hello there. Who are you?
  • Milli: These are our friends Jade. Oh yeah, this is Jade. She is our newest member. She is an octopus with blonde hair and like all octopuses, she has eight tentacles and she can go into the tiniest places.
  • Jade: I could even fit in a kettle.
  • Geo: Hey, Jade to welcome you to the team, we made you some breakfast. (Geo puts an English breakfast on the table for Jade to eat)
  • Jade: Huh? English breakfast? (picks up her knife and fork) My favourite! (eats it all in 10 seconds) Ahh! Delicious. Anyway, I haven't catched you're names yet.
  • Milli: I'm Milli.
  • Geo: I'm Geo.
  • Bot: And I'm Bot.
  • Jade: Nice to meet you. (Streches three of her tentacles and shakes the other team member's hands) What the... (stretches her tentacle and pulls it back to her) Wow! Stretchy tentacles. 

More coming soon... Remember, anyone can edit more.


  • This will be the first episode in which the team aren't using their Mighty Maths Powers.
  • This episode reveals Jade is left-handed.
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