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The Troublemakers managed to capture both Milli and Bot and are ready to zap them out of there powers, but Milli managed to call Geo and Blazey before this happened, and now it's Geo and Blazey's turn to see can they save them, and the answer is no because of the Troublemakers zapping out his shape belt and Blazey's dog tag, but that's what the Troublemakers thought but before an hour past midnight Geo and Blazey manage to save the team.

Blazey sees Geo Sleeping[]

  • (Milli and Bot playing a Game)
  • (Blazey comes to them)
  • Blazey: (barking
  • Milli: Hi Blazey, I'm Milli
  • Mil
    250px-God sprite3-1-.png
    li: This is Bot
  • Bot: Hello.
  • Blazey: (barking) Arrr?
  • Bot: Um, Milli, Where's Geo?
  • Milli: I don't know.
  • Blazey: (barking)
  • Milli: He is still sleeping
  • Bot: Aw!
  • Blazey: He likes sleeping. Sleepy little guy.
  • Milli: Want to play a game?
  • Bot: Without Geo, Okay
  • Geo: Umm Guys, You in Here?
  • Blazey: Arf!
  • Geo: Hi there Blazey. you see them, you see them, there outside playing a game.
  • Mili and Bot: Hi Geo
  • Geo: Hi Guys

The Trouble Makers[]

  • Liitle Trouble: Look there's Team Umizoomi
  • Big Trouble: Umm, That's Not All of Them
  • Little Trouble: Don't Care
  • Big Trouble: I have an idea
  • Little Trouble: Ohh, What Is It
  • Big Trouble: Let's trap Milli and Bot and bring them to our Headquarters and snap there Might Math Powers
  • Little Trouble: Great Idea