Summary Edit

When Milli’s life is at stake, Geo puts himself in front of danger to protect his sister. Milli is distraught when Geo seemingly dies and she seeks revenge to defeat the evil who killed Geo. Can Milli slay the beast within herself or will she go to the dark side and actually harm someone?

Part 1 Edit

Milli: (using her ponytails to whip back a large, black monster) Stay back!

Bot: (fighting a monster as well) There’s too many of them! I’m afraid to say this, but I think this problem is far too big for us to solve!

Milli: You mean? We failed a mission?!

Bot: (grunts) I‘m afraid so!

Geo: (pulls out his sword and swings at the shape beasts) We can’t give up, team! Not when everyone is counting on us!

Milli: (screams when a shape beast slices her leg and pins her down)

Bot: (thrown into a boulder)

Geo: Milli! Get your paws off my sister!

(Geo throws himself on the beast pinning down Mill)

Shape Beast: (howls and tries getting Geo off it’s back. It thrashes around but grabs Geo and slams him down on the ground, his body skidding near the edge of the cliff.)

Geo: (shakily gets up, but the beast swings it’s paw into him and sends him off the edge)

Milli: GEOOOO!

Bot: GEO!

(Bot sparks and blasts the beasts away, Milli covering her face from the bright light.)

Bot: (surprised) Wow, I didn’t know I had that in me!

Milli: Nevermind that! Geo fell off the cliff!

Bot: (lifts Milli up and slides down the cliff.)

(both spot Geo’s body. Rain starts pouring down)

Bot: Oh no, Geo!

Milli: (rushes to Geo’s body) Geo? Geo are you okay?

(she takes Geo’s helmet off and brushes a bit of his bangs aside. she lays her head against his chest to listen for a heartbeat, but there isn’t one.)

Milli: (she looks at Bot with a saddened expression)

(Bot suddenly gets the message and looks sad)

Milli: Bot?

Bot: Yes Milli...?

Milli: Lets go home...

  • Bot: (goes up to Millie and hugs her) I’m so sorry...

Millie: (shakily puts Geo’s belt on and walks home with Bot)

(Camera focuses on Geo’s bloody hand)

Part 2 Edit

  • milli and bot retuns home when jeda fiend them in tears pours there eyes
  • jeda: whats gonig on? Guys why are you crying?
  • bot:the beast kills geo(*sob*)
  • jeda:what?!
  • milli:yes(crying)
  • jeda:oh my goodnes
  • milli:well i cant see my brohter agin (tears pours of her eyes)
  • jeda:dont worrie but is gona be geo ok
  • bot:i dont know so (cry)
  • jeda:youll see
  • it s all you life tree
  • milli:tree of life?
  • jeda:yes
  • milli:lets fiend that tree!
  • milli:team umizoomi!
  • all:tis time for action!
  • the team on the umicar to fiend the tree of life
  • Milli:how we far of the tree of life bot?
  • Bot:i codent to my robat compitur we here and the tree of life is here 13 we have to super speed up and fast!
  • milli:ok,umicar super fast!

PART 3; Milli Bot and Jade Meets Bloom Edit

  • milli:if we fiend the tree of life we have ton past that door
  • jeda:i can do this i have poweres!
  • bot:really?
  • jeda:yes
  • bot:ok then you trie it on..................
  • jeda:ok here it comes.
  • jeda:here we go!,octops power!
  • (she used her power to pones the door then the door opens!)
  • jeda:i did it!
  • milli and bot:yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bot:thank you jeda!
  • jeda:thanks guys.
  • milli:now lets go! To fiend the tree of life!!!!!!!!!
  • bot:look the tree!
  • milli:yes!!!!!!!!
  • jeda:lets take closer..
  • (they come to the tree they in shoked to see the tree is died)
  • milli:oh no!! The tree is death! What we do?
  • bot:im so sorry...................milli
  • milli:(tears pours from her eyes and crys)!
  • Bloom:milli......
  • milli:uh?
  • jeda:whats the meter?
  • milli:the vocie it Sounds Like Bloom
  • jeda:no,i dont hear anything.
  • bot:(looking his belli screen down) i thing şoke son in this tree
  • Bloom:welcome
  • jeda milli and bot:*gasp*
  • Bloom:i..m......princess bloom
  • Milli:the fairy of the dragon flame?!
  • Jeda:she is so beutiful!
  • Bot:yeah
  • Bloom:what are you dooing here?
  • Milli:the beast had kill my brother geo......can you use Your magic?
  • bloom:of course!
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