Summary: the story starts dramatically where an an activity team umizoomi does everdayy becomes a Seroius danger.

(the introduction starts) (almstt the whole team umizoomi intro skips because you dont want to wait)

(a person Accidently spills water on the Sidewalk causing geo to slip while hess skating) (goes head hits the floor and he forgot his helmet) (plus team umizoomi Dosent notice)

Milli: Milli!

Bot: um.... Geo? (Looks behind him)

Bot: geo?

Milli: is he ok?

Bot: hes still breathing, but he is not awake.

Milli: maybe we should take him back

Bot: I agree. But this time, carefully.

(after a long walk and they are finally back home)

Milli: when will geo wake up? (Looking at a clock)

Bot: it will probably be a while...

Spongebob Narrator: 5 hours later...

Geo: (moaning slightly and waking up slowly)

Bot: Milli! I think geo is waking up!

(Milli Immeadtly runs to bot)

Geo: (softly and quietly) My head hurts...

Bot: Finally Your Awake!

Milli: Bot go get an ice pack (gets an ice pack and gives it to geo)

Geo: thank you so much your really nice...

Milli: im just so glad your awake geo.

Geo: whoss geo?

Milli: Huh?

Bot: you don't know who Geo Is?

Geo: not a clue

Milli: I fear whateverss going on is not good.

Geo: I dont remember anything

Bot: I think ito called amniesa

Bot: itss when you lose your memory, and is most commonly caused by head injury.

Milli: have you ever had amneisa before?

Milli: (beep)! That mustvee hurt!

Bot: maybe we should try to familarize tingss for geo.

Bot: geo?

Geo: whos geo?

Bot: oh right forgot, you are geo, and I am bot, and here is your sister Milli.

Geo: my sister? Thank the animation studio!

Milli: yes I am this is notaa joke😇

Bot: How are you feeling...

Geo: My head still hurts, who are you again?

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