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G.O.B.A.D.S. Are the wolves in Team Umizoomi, they first appeared in Breaking the Ice, where they trapped a polar bear in an ice cave, after the bear returns to it's family, they said that they'll get their revenge some day...


Entire Team[]

The entire team are slightly taller than Team Umizoomi by 5 inches


Gamma is the leader, he has long black hair, he wears a dark indigo fedora, a buttoned up long sleeve midnight blue shirt with rolled up cuffs, and black pants, and dark blue shoes.


Omega is the brawn, he wears a white visor hat, and has some muscles, he is always seen shirtless, he wears dark blue pants, and wears sports bandages on his feet and hands.


Beta is the elementalist, She wears a green cloak, under the cloak is a verdant dress, she wears green sneakers, and on the back of the cloak is a star


Alpha is the beauty, she wears a yellow and pink dress with white cuffs, she also wears red high heels


Delta is the shapeshifter, he wears a brown cape, a short sleeve orange and white shirt, blue denim shorts and where brown boots


Sigma is the stealth, she wears a red ninja costume with the words “忍者じゃない” on the back


  • Each Member of G.O.B.A.D.S. is named after a letter in the greek alphabet

Gamma: The Third Letter in the Greek Alphabet

Omega: The Last Letter in the Greek Alphabet

Beta: The Second Letter in the Greek Alphabet

Alpha: The First Letter in the Greek Alphabet

Delta: The Fourth Letter in the Greek Alphabet

Sigma: The Eighteenth Letter in the Greek Alphabet

  • The Words on Sigma’s clothing mean “I'm Not Ninja”
  • While they are called wolves, they are humans.