Wilbur: wow Olivia that a tall sandwiches

Olivia: thanks Wilbur

Brianna: hi guys

Both: Hi Brianna

Brianna: I brought a book

Olivia: look a fairy

Brianna: Let's follow the fairy

Luke: hi guys

Olivia: Luke what are you doing here

Luke: I was walking home from school when I saw a fairy

Olivia: come on Luke

Luke: we're in 4th street

Wilbur: The fairy went in the Bush

Vanessa: hi guys

Together: Vanessa

Vanessa: I have a surprise for you

Team umizoomi: Hi guys

Olivia: your surprise is team umizoomi

Olivia: Vanessa your a genieus

Bot: Luke we love you

Luke: Thanks Bot

The end