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Daisy Patches is one of the fairy residents of Fairy Dust kingdom.

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Daisy Patches, who prefers to be called Patch, is a Garden Fairy. She has the power to make plants grow, shrink, and even talk. She is known as the bravest fairy in Fairy Dust. After Rebecca stole and lost the Fairy Jewels, she was the only fairy that left the kingdom to retrieve.

After she stopped Rebecca from taking the jewels from Bruni the Lizard and Sparky the Dinosaur, she helps Team Umizoomi to get to Fairy Dust to give the Fairy Jewels back and remove the magic bond charms on the Fairy Jewels that make them stuck on Bruni and Sparky.

It turns out, she knows a secret about Bruni and Sparky that the team doesn't even know.

Patch also has friends in Fairy Dust: Aloe, Wysteria, and Ivy (the other Garden Fairies). She also has a kitten named Wiggles. She also has a younger cousin named Tulip Petals, who is a Flower Fairy from The Magical World.


She has reptutation in Fairy Dust as being "the bravest fairy around"; Patch is very courageous, willing, and a bit reckless. Aside from this, she's also very mischievious and a prankster. If someone is sad, she'll try and cheer them up with whatever she can.

Her loyalty to help her friends and others is the reason why she loves to make smiles and go through dangers to help them.


Daisy Patches is a Garden Fairy. A Garden Fairy has "green thumb magic" which makes plants grow. She can even grow mushrooms on logs.


Daisy has green eyes and long brown hair with a carnation pink daisy in it. She wears a carnation pink and mint green dress and wears a pink daisy flower necklace.