Charlie Team Umizoomi

Charlie is an new character introduced in the episode Journey to Volcanic Island. He was the fiery character with large hot hands and the ability to make things out of fire who joined the team. He is voiced by Daran Norris.


Charlie has a square shaped red/orange body and legs. He has only one eye. His legs and arms and fingers are black. His fiery features include his fiery hair and hot fingertips. He also has two small nostrils.


  • Despite being hot, only his enemies feel his super hot body as very hot, while his allies touch him, they only feel it as quite warm, but not hot.
  • He can hug someone to warm them up.
  • He is the only member of Team Umizoomi with a visible nose..
  • When he sneezes, flames come out of his nose.
  • He can easily get sleepy, as shown in Hook It Up.
    • The same episode shows he can go into water without burning out.
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