1. Summary

When the boys' flaking and Milli's pranking causes conflict, it's all out war within the team.

(Note: The audience isn't asked any questions in this episode.)

Intro: Lemonade Stand-Up

(The episode starts with the camera zooming in on a lemonade stand.)

Bot: Hi, Umi-Friend. We just made a lemonade stand.

Geo: And we got a lot of customers so far. Check it out! *pulls out a wad of cash* We made all of this money by selling lemonade. If we keep doing this every day, we'll be rich!

(Doormouse appears)

Bot: Hi, Doormouse. Wanna cup of lemonade?

Doormouse: Sorry boys, but I'll have to see a permit for this stand.

Geo: Actually, I left mine at hone.

Doormouse: Ooh. Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's an hour in the box for you.

Geo: Well, I bet Bot has one. Right, Bot?

(The camera cuts to show that Bot's gone.)

Just do what you have to do.


One Hour Later..

One Hour Later... - SpongeBob Time Card -122

(The scene cuts to Geo in a prison box.)

Doormouse: Have you learned your lesson?

(Geo nods)

Good. *lets Geo out* You better bring a permit next time you do something like that. *checks his watch* And I'm just in time for lunch.

(Doormouse walks away while Geo has an angry expression on his face.)

Disaster At Dinner

8:01 P.M

8-01 PM - SpongeBob Time Card -26

8-01 PM - SpongeBob Time Card -26

8-01 PM - SpongeBob Time Card -26

8-01 PM - SpongeBob Time Card -26

(The camera shoes Bot at the Fountain Headqurters. Geo comes in.)

Geo (thoughts): I can't believe he ditched me like that. Someone ought to give him what his deserves.

(He opens the refrigerato, only to get punched in the face by a spring-loaded boxing glove.)

*looking at Bot* I'll deal with you later.

(The camera cuts to Milli's room where she's sleeping. Geo walks in and sees a marker next to her. Wanting revenge, he draws a mustache on her face and exits.)

That'll teach her.

(Suddenly, the mustache dissapesrs before Milli wakes up. It's then revealed that she put water velow her nose in case that happens.)

Milli: Handlebar mustache, huh? Oldest trick in the book.

(Meanwhile, Geo sits next to Bot angrily with his arms folded.)

Bot: Hey, Geo. You okay? *no answer* Did Milli prank you?

Geo: Yeah, but it's also something else.

Bot: *thinks* Did the bus come late? *Geo shakes his head* Are you hangry? *Geo shakes his head* Oh, did the lemonade stand money get stolen?


(the oven dings before Milli opens it)

Bot: I didn't flake, I just didn't help you. You should've brung your permit.

Geo: It doesn't matter! *sits at the table* We're friends! What would you say about that?

Bot: *while being handed food by Milli*. I would thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson.

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