When the boys' flaking and Milli's pranking causes conflict, it's all out war within the team.

(Note: The audience isn't asked any questions in this episode.)

Intro: Lemonade Stand-Up

(The episode starts with the camera zooming in on a lemonade stand.)

Bot: Hi, Umi-Friend. We just made a lemonade stand.

Geo: And we got a lot of customers so far. Check it out! *pulls out a wad of cash* We made all of this money by selling lemonade. If we keep doing this every day, we'll be rich!

(Doormouse appears)

Bot: Hi, Doormouse. Wanna cup of lemonade?

Doormouse: Sorry boys, but I'll have to see a permit for this stand.

Geo: Actually, I left mine at home.

Doormouse: Ooh. Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's an hour in the box for you.

Geo: Well, I bet Bot has one. Right, Bot?

(The camera cuts to show that Bot's gone.)

Just do what you have to do.


One Hour Later..

One Hour Later... - SpongeBob Time Card -122

(The scene cuts to Geo in a prison box.)

Doormouse: Have you learned your lesson?

(Geo nods)

Good. *lets Geo out* You better bring a permit next time you do something like that. *checks his watch* And I'm just in time for lunch.

(Doormouse walks away while Geo has an angry expression on his face.)

The Dinner Torture

8:01 P.M

8-01 PM - SpongeBob Time Card -26

8-01 PM - SpongeBob Time Card -26

(The camera cuts to Bot in the Fountain Headquarters. Geo comes in.)

Geo: (thoughts) I can't believe he ditched me like that. Someone ought to give him what he deserves.

(He opens the refrigerator, only to get punched in the face by a spring-loaded boxing glove.)

*looking at Bot* I'll deal with you later.

(The camera cuts to Milli's room where she's sleeping. Geo walks in and sees a marker next to her. Wanting revenge, he draws a mustache on her face and exits.)

That'll teach her.

(The mustache disappears before Milli wakes up. Meanwhile, Geo sits next to Bot angrily with his arms folded.)

Bot: Hey, Geo. Are you okay? *no answer* Did Milli prank you?

Geo: Yeah, but it's also something else.

Bot: *thinks* Did the bus come late? *Geo shakes his head* Are you hangry? *Geo shakes his head* Oh, did the lemonade stand money get stolen?


(the oven dings before Milli opens it)

Bot: I didn't flake, I just didn't help you. You should remember to bring your permit.

Geo: It doesn't matter! *sits at the table* We're friends! What would you say about that?

Bot: *while being handed food by Milli*. I would thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson.

(They both eat a spoonful of the food before Bot's face turns red.)

Milli: *thoughts* This is gonna be good. *hides her video camera in the plant next to her*

Geo: Uh, why is does this food taste hot?

Milli: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want the ketchup or the hot sauce?

Bot: Hot sauce? *steam shoots out of ears* AHHH!! SPICY! SPICY! *runs around in pain screaming*

Geo: *thoughts* I don't know what his problem is. I can handle hot sauce just fine.

Bot: *in thoughts while still screaming in pain* I'm gonna kill that girl so hard. *out loud* Need milk! NEED MILK!!

(He runs to the kitchen and opens the fridge, but doesn't find milk.)

Milli: *drinking what's left from the carton while hiding more cameras* Looks like we're all out.

(Meanwhile, Geo spots the cup of milk Milli poured for him.)

*in thoughts while * This is perfect. Geo's still mad about the lemonade stand, so he's bound to not help! But in case he does...

(She transforms her dress to look just like the wall and ducks her head. Meanwhile, as Geo's about to drink the milk, Bot comes in.)

Bot: GIMME THE MILK!! I NEED MILK!! *begging on his knees* PLEASE GIVE ME THE MILK!!

Geo: Ugh, fine.

(Bot proceeds to push Geo before grabbing the cup, but before he can drink the milk, Milli's ponytail grabs it.)


Milli: You'll have to catch me first! *runs away*

Geo: HEY!! *runs after Milli*

(Milli pulls back in various movements to prevent Geo from getting the milk. She puts it down on the floor as Bot drags himself across. Just a he's about to grab it, Milli pulls it a little further. Finally, Bot can't handle the torture any longer.)

Bot: No more... please... no more...

(He falls down with his mouth flaming from the inside. Milli then goes up using her ponytail before Geo enters looking exhausted.)

Bot: Geo... milk... please...

(Geo sighs and puts the milk in Bot's mouth)


Geo: *facepalms* I should've flaked out on you to teach you what it feels like.

(Geo puts his hand on Bot and accidentally opens the Bot-o-mat with a permit inside.)


Bot: Well, you've been PERMIT-ted to bring yours, haven't you? *rimshot and laugh track*

(the oven dings)

Dessert's ready.

Geo: Well, that's one thing guaranteed to prevent a fight.

The Flaker Strikes Again

Bot: *pulls the chocolate cake out of the oven* Hold this for a second.

(As soon as Bot hands Geo the platter, his hands start burning.)

Geo: Ow, ow, ow!! This plate is hot, man! *looks under the platter* Huh?

(It's revealed that Bot applied super glue to make Geo's hands stuck to the platter.)

Help me out, man.

Bot: Sorry, but that's YOUR problem.


Bot: I'm not flaking, I'm just trying to teach you a lesson: always wear oven mitts. Besides, just because you helped me doesn't mean I have to return the favor.

(Geo puts the platter on the table and un-sticks his hands, which are now red with heat. He then goes to the sink to cool them down.)

Geo: WHY YOU LITTLE- *clock dings* Oh. man. Does it have to be bedtime now?!!

Bot: Yep.

(camera cuts to Geo's bedroom)

Night, Geo.

Geo: Goodnight. *turns on his night light and goes to sleep*

(Milli appears out of under the bed holding her ghost disguise.)

Milli: Time for my night prank.

(She dons the sheet and taps Geo)

*sing-song* Geo, wake up!

Geo: *groggy* What? *looks in fear*

(camera cuts to the outside of the room)



(The camera cuts to Bot making breakfast while Milli is laughing. Geo enters.)

Bot: Hey, Geo. *notices Geo angry* Are you okay?

Geo: I was scared to death by Milli in her stupid ghost outfit! OF COURSE I'M NOT OKAY!!

The Next Day - SpongeBob Time Card -27

The Next Day - SpongeBob Time Card -27

Shopping Squabble

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