Bot well today I will be walking to the store

Milli oh no I am so sorry sir I wasn't watching where I was going

Bot it's okay I am Bot what's your name?

Milli my name is Milli

Geo and I am Geo her little brother

Bot well hello Milli and Geo I was going to the store you need to come

Kilo wait up kids do not go to far oh hello

Bot oh hello my name is Bot

Kilo oh hi Bot I am Kilo Milli and Geo's dad

Bot nice to meet you Kilo

Kilo you too Bot

Bot well bye Kilo

Tera did you tell the kids Kilo?

Kilo yes I did Tera

Tera okay Kilo oh hi there I am Tera Milli and Geo's mother

Bot nice to meet you Tera

Tera you too Bot!

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