Belladonna is a wicked sorceress.

Episode AppearancesEdit


Belladonna is a sorceress who is actually really beautiful, but is evil and power hungry. She self-claimed herself as Milli's arch-foe, mostly because she's really jealous of how strong, smart, creative, graceful, cute, and fashionable Milli is.

Belladonna is very self-centered and loves to look beautiful. Whenever there's a mirror, she can't help but look in it and see how gorgeous she is.


Belladonna has long blond hair with perfectly curled locks. She wears heavy make-up including: dark eye-shadow, long eyelashes, light pink blush, and red lipstick on her lips. She also wears a lot of jewelry: a lot of gold bracelets on both her arms, gold pearl earings, a golden necklace with red, blue, and green jewels on it, and a gold ring with a diamond on her right hand.

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