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While Milli and Geo are playing Baby with Bot in the park, The Troublemakers suddenly pop out with another evil scheme: To transform Milli and Geo into none other than: *Gasp* Babies! They succeed, and Milli and Geo are now tiny toddlers! Now, Bot has to find a way to turn the two Mighty Math Minis back to normal, as well babysit them. Will Bot turn his two friends back to normal?

Characters Edit

  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot
  • Big Trouble
  • Little Trouble
  • Squirrel
  • Butterflies
  • Doormouse
  • Amaya

Transcript: Playing Baby at the Park! Edit

  • [We open with Milli with a baby stroller, and Geo with a Baby Bottle.]
  • Milli: Oh, hi! It's me, Milli! I'm a tiny superhero! I'm so excited you're here!
  • Geo: Me too! Hey, come and see what we're doing!
  • {Milli and Geo introduce Bot in a Diaper and Bonnet.]
  • Bot: *Baby Talk* Bot, Bot!
  • Milli: This is Baby Bot! Aw, isn't he cute?
  • Geo: We're playing Baby! And we're taking care of Bot! Do you like to babies? Oh, cool!
  • Bot: *Baby Talk* Bottle, Bottle!
  • Geo: Woah! Baby Bot needs something! What does he need? A Baby Bottle, Right!
  • [We see a Rattle, a Baby Bottle, and a Diaper on the blanket.]
  • Geo: Do you see the Bottle?
  • [A Blue aura glows around the Bottle.]
  • Geo: Yeah, it's right there!
  • [Geo Picks up the Bottle, and gives it to Baby Bot.]
  • Geo: *Soft spoken* There you go, Baby Bot. drink up...
  • Milli: Aww, isn't he cute?
  • Bot: [Tosses his bottle on the ground and cries.]
  • Milli: Uh, oh. Baby Bot's crying. I wonder what he needs.
  • Geo: I know! Don't you worry! [ Geo grabs Bot gently , pats him on the back several times.] * Bot: *Burps* Excuse me.
  • [The three laugh in unison.]

The Troublemakers' Bite Size Plan! Edit

  • [We transition to a bush, and the Troublemakers jump out.]
  • Little Trouble: Ho, ho! It's time for some trouble!
  • Big Trouble: Yeah! Today is a great day for trouble!
  • Little Trouble: That's right, and we'll find out our target! but who?
  • [Little Trouble looks around, and he notices Milli and Geo playing "Patty Cake, Patty Cake" with Bot.]
  • Little Trouble: Found it!
  • Big Trouble: What is it?
  • Little Trouble: Look! [Shows Big Trouble Milli and Geo]
  • Big Trouble: What about them?
  • Little Trouble: I think I have an idea! We'll turn Milli and Geo into babies! Once we do that, they'll stay babies! [Evilly laughs]
  • Big Trouble: That sounds like a great idea! Do it!
  • Little Trouble: Great! * {Big Trouble and Little Trouble aim their trouble rays, and Milli and Geo see them in shock.]
  • Milli and Geo: *Gasp* Oh no!
  • Milli: Geo, look! It's the Troublemakers!
  • Big Trouble: Trouble-di-Trouble-di-Trouble Ray, turn these two into babies!
  • [The Troublemakers fire their Trouble Rays, and Milli and Geo get engulfed in a purple aura, and they transform into babies in diapers.]
  • Milli: *Gasp* *Baby Talk* Look! Geo! Baby! [Points at Geo]
  • Geo: *Baby Talk* Milli! Baby! [Points at Milli]
  • Bot: (Runs towards the Baby-fied Milli and Geo) Milli! Geo! What Happened?!
  • Milli and Geo: Babies! Babies! Babies! Babies!
  • Bot: *Gasps In Horror And Turns Into Normal Bot * Sizzling Circuits! Umifriend, what has happened to Milli and Geo? *Gasp* They've been turned into babies?! WHAT?!!!
  • Big Trouble: Hahaha, trouble you later, Bot!
  • (The TroubleMakers run off)
  • Bot: Silly TroubleMakers. There has to be some way to turn Milli and Geo back to normal. But how?
  • Geo: Bot-Babysit Milli! Bot-Babysit Geo!
  • Bot: Oh.... Milli and Geo want us to babysit them. Umifriend, Help me find a way to turn Milli and Geo back to normal. All right, Umifriend, it's time for action! We've got to figure something out, but what?
  • Amaya: Hey Bot!
  • Milli and Geo: *Gasp* Amaya! Amaya!
  • Bot: It's our friend Amaya! Hey, Amaya. What's up? Is there any way you can help us turn these two toddlers back to normal?
  • Amaya: Yes, Bot, you have to go to the science lab! They have a youth machine!
  • Bot: *Gasp* A youth machine?!
  • Amaya: Yeah. If you put Milli and Geo on the youth machine they can transform back to their original age!
  • Bot: Aw, thanks Amaya! But what is the shortest way to the science lab?
  • Amaya: The shortest way is to go to the blue and red gate, up a hill, then take a right to lemon street and then you'll come to the science lab.
  • Bot: Awesome. Thanks, Amaya.


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