Angry Umizoomi is the parody of Angry Birds. The player as Umifriend. He or she can help the team. Whispers is Milli's bunny that later changed and broke spell into a cockatoo. Whispers is Milli's cockatoo and can inflat, counterpart to Bubbles the orange bird. UmiCar is Team Umizoomi's car and destroying, counterpart to Terence the Big Bro. bird. Big Trouble is the villain, counterpart to Nigel. Brownie is just scream, counterpart to Red the Red Bird. (Jonathan's cat) The villains is the target, counterpart for Bad piggies. Buster drops an egg bomb when tapped, counterpart to Matilda the White bird. (Anna's dog) Geo gets faster, counterpart to Chunk the Yellow bird. Bot blows bubbles, counterpart to Stella the Pink bird. Milli goes backward when tapped, counterpart to Hal the Boomerang (Green) bird. In some way, Anna (Buster's owner) can destroy all the villains, counterpart to Mighty Eagle. DoorMouse explodes, counterpart to Bomb the Black bird.


  • In some characters, they used to be female on the show but male in the game.
  • There's no counterpart for Blue birds, which split up to three.

Female characters (playable)Edit

  • Milli (Leader)
  • Anna
  • Buster

Male characters (playable)Edit

  • Whispers
  • Geo
  • UmiCar
  • DoorMouse
  • Brownie
  • Bot