Bolt Bash

Plot Edit

Team Umizoomi are going to Mars to meet aliens, but when 5 important bolts flew off the rocket and landed somewhere in Umi City! Can Team Umizoomi find the bolts and return them to the rocket?

Characters Edit

  • Milli
  • Geo
  • Bot
  • Zigzag
  • Alphonse
  • Cockroach
  • Aliens
  • Trees

The Rocketship Edit

(The episode starts when Bot and Zigzag are building a rocket ship)

Bot: Oh hi Umifriend! I'm just building a rocket ship to go to Mars.

Zigzag: Do you like space? Me too!

Bot: And it's done!

(Alphonse runs in) Alphonse: I think we're ready!

Zigzag: Great! Hey...where's Milli and Geo?

(Milli and Geo can be heard) Milli and Geo: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Bot: Milli! Geo!

(Bot goes to the kitchen) Bot: What's wrong?

Milli: *Whimpering* There's...A-a....M-m-m-monster!

(The screen pans to a cockroach) Bot: Oh hey little guy! Sorry, but Milli and Geo are just a bit afraid of you.

Geo: Get it out! Get it out! Get it out!

Bot: There you go!

Milli and Geo: *Starting to cry* That was scary.

Zigzag: Oh dear, Milli and Geo are hiding themselves, do you think they're scared or sad? Scared right!

Bot: You know what will might make you feel better?

Geo: Ice cream...?

Bot: A trip to Mars!

Geo: Yeah!

Milli: What will we see?

Alphonse: Aliens!

Milli and Geo: *Crying* Aliens! You mean like monster aliens?

Alphonse: No!

Milli: *Stop crying* Oh thank goodness!

The Octagon Bolt Edit

(The screen changes when Team Umizoomi are getting ready)

Bot: We just need to screw in some bolts.

(Zigzag grabs some bolts)

Alphonse: Look at all of these bolts there in different shapes.

(The screen pans to 5 different bolts in different colors, a blue octagon shaped bolt, a green diamond shaped bolt, a pink heart shaped bolt, a yellow star shaped bolt and a red oval shaped bolt)

Milli: What shapes do you see? (The bolts glow one by one) I see a octagon, a diamond, a star, a heart and a oval!

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