• (The episode start with an unknown location. It's a hidden garden with a temple in it. The garden is heavily guarded by Lilliputian soldiers. The first minute is nothing but the wind blowing in the breeze. Suddenly a large explosion is heard. On the temple porch, Three soldiers, two males and one female hear the explosion and leave their normal spot to see where the explosion came from. To thier surprise, the front of the the temple has been destroyed. The three soldiers then rush up to two other soldiers who have been attacked.)
  • [F] Lilliputian Soldier: What just happened?
  • [F] Lilliputian Soldier # 2: It was terrible. Sombody planted a bomb on the temple doors. We didn't notice until it exploded.
  • [M] Lilliputian Soldier: That means there's a person who wants to take the time orbs.
  • [M] Lilliputian Soldier #2: Then why are we all standing here like hernats (clueless people)? Find the person, surround the temple, do anything to keep him from getting at least one of the time orbs!
  • (All the the other Lilliputian soldiers except for the first male lilliputian soldier head in different directions.)

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