In the magical land of Fairy Dust, the kingdom of fairies beyond the Sunshine Forest, the fairies and all the creatures lived in peace and happiness. The magic contained in the land was protected by two magical jewels, one pink and one blue, called the Fairy Jewels. However, Rebecca, the wicked Dark Fairy, steals the Fairy Jewels, but she loses them and they fall out of Fairy Dust. If the Fairy Jewels aren't returned soon, Fairy Dust will lose all of its magic and vanish into thin air. Daisy Patches, a brave Garden Fairy, leaves the land to find help.


Team Umizoomi is visiting their friend Sunny, the Sunshine Fairy, in the Sunshine Forest today. During a game of Hide 'N' Seek, Milli and Geo both find two jewels, and the jewels then become necklaces around their necks, the blue on Geo and the pink on Milli. Suddenly, they are both turned into fairies. After a bit of understanding, the two realize that the jewels are really the Fairy Jewels, but they won't come off. So, the team meets up with Daisy Patches and must hurry to return the Fairy Jewels back to Fairy Dust before Rebecca, who heard about what happened, gets her hands on the Fairy Jewels.




Math SkillsEdit

  • Observation Skills
  • Color Idenification
  • Shape Idenification
  • Counting
  • Patterns
  • Directions
  • Using Clues

World SkillsEdit

  • faires

Magic SkillsEdit

  • When trying something new, take it slow


  • This is the first time a member of Team Umizoomi transforms.
  • Also the first episode to have a major female antagonist
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